Agent settings


  • Synchronize configuration - enable the robot to synchronize with the last configuration from the cloud.

  • Enable records auto-delete - automatically delete records from the robot after they have been uploaded to the cloud.

Log and Analytics

  • Log level selection - choose the log level to be published from the robot

    • TRACE

    • DEBUG

    • INFO [default]


    • ERROR

  • Log limit by days - if the log limit value is set to x, the agent keeps only logs from x days ago.

  • Log limit by size - if the total log size is over the limit, the agent will remove the oldest logs until the total size is within the size limit value.

  • Enable/Disable uploading of logs to Nimbus cloud.


How do the notifications works?

  • Notification will be sent every time the value crosses the threshold.

  • Re-notification will be sent as long as the value persists for over 160 minutes above the threshold

  • Re-notifications will be sent no more than 3 times

  • For built-in notifications (CPU, RAM, Disk) the value has to persist for at least 10 seconds

  • Additional notifications can be configured by clicking on the [+ADD] button and choosing condition for specific field inside the component’s stream.

Cloud Provider

cloud provider for data upload

  • Nimbus cloud - by default the cloud provider will set to Nimbus cloud.

    • All the robot resources be automatically upload and saved on nimbus cloud

  • AWS S3 - set as cloud provider a given AWS S3 bucket be setting the bucket details(access key,secret key,bucket name and region.

    • All the robot resources be automatically upload and saved on this bucket