Cogniteam Cloud Platform is a cloud robotics platform that provides a unified way to develop, deploy and manage robots and fleets. The platform allows you to teleoperate robots, monitor & record sensor information from anywhere in the world with one customizable dashboard. You can monitor an individual robot or a fleet of robots, gain remote access, and display various types of information: data streams, performance analytics, fault diagnostics, and more. The simulation tool provided by Cogniteam is powerful and flexible, allowing you to create and run simulations of your robots and their behaviors, allowing you to test and evaluate new designs, train operators, and predict the performance of your robots under different conditions.

Cogniteam Platform also offers a low-code development platform that makes your ROS journey intuitive using drag-and-drop tools and a rich set of ready-made AI algorithms such as object recognition, navigation, and path planning that are ROS1/2 compatible. You can easily design, develop, and test your robots, allowing you to create custom behaviors that are tailored to your unique needs. The platform supports ROS 1/2 by providing a bridge that allows ROS 1/2 nodes to communicate. This enables developers to leverage the existing ROS ecosystem, libraries, and tools while benefiting from the platform capabilities.

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